Digital Signage V.s Standard Advertising

Advertising in the modern world is very different from the old way of advertising. In the old days, most advertising took place in radios and printed magazines and newspapers. The lack of digital innovations limited who could be reached by advertising to a great extent. Nowadays, with all the technological innovation and the invention of the internet, advertising has experienced a decisive boom. The advertising industry not only experienced a much better platform to base the pitch, but also a way to reach even more people, something which was not able to be done back in the day.

digital signs

Digital signage is one of these advertising methods which has virtually changed the digital marketing world. This form of advertising involves the display of advertisement on digital displays that are changing. Unlike static displays, digital signage is able to change screens to display different messages at different times. Using LCD and LED projection, digital signage advertising offers the option of displaying a variety of information in public spaces.

One of the reasons why digital signage is essentially superior from other forms of advertising is its versatility. An advertisement does not have to be limited to one photo or one phrase in its display. Instead, the ad can display moving photographs and more than one phrase. In getting the point across, this can be very advantageous because it catches the attention of the targeted group. In addition, for a single company or entity advertising, there is the ability of advertising more than one aspect or product of the company. Another advantage is that it is a great marketing strategy. It is new and it is eye catching and using it will get the point across more efficiently and more easily than advertising using standard advertising means. At the end of the day, the advertiser ends up getting more for their value of investment.